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We offer a variety of in-house laboratory services at an affordable cost. Our experienced laboratory staff performs tests quickly and accurately, providing you with fast results to help diagnose and treat your health concerns.

We use the latest medical equipment and technology to ensure accurate and reliable results. Our lab is also certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) to meet the highest standards of quality.

Our goal is to make healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone, and our in-house laboratory services are just one way we’re fulfilling that mission. Contact us today to schedule your laboratory test.

Basic STD Panel $99
Basic Metabolic Panel $39
Basic Thyroid Panel $49
Allergy Testing $120-$350
Complete Blood count w/ diff (CBC) $39
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) $39
Comprehensive STD Panel $199
Comprehensive Wellness $99
Cov-19 Antigen $49
Cov-19 rt PCR (results end of day) $150
Cov-19 rt PCR (results next day.) $100
Cov-19/FLU A/B combo antigen $90
Cov-19/FLU A/B combo rt PCR $175
Drug Screen 5 panel $35
Drug screen 12 panel Rapid $55
Female Basic Hormone Panel $79
Female Cancer Screening Panel $189
Female Full Hormone Panel $199
Glucose $30
Hemoglobin A1C $39
H Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori) Antibody $39
Hepatic Function $39
Influenza A/B Antigen $49
Influenza A/B PCR $100
Lipid Panel (cholesterol screen) $39
Male hormone panel Basic $79
Male Hormone Panel Full $199
Micronutrient complete $479
MMA/BOXER Trio $75
Mono(rapid) $49
Pap smear $40
Pregnancy test (HCG) rapid $27
Rapid mono $49
Renal Function Panel $30
Strep A rapid antigen $35
Urinalysis $29

cbc,cmp,lipid, urinalysis



Lab testing services

Fun fact: No prescription, order or insurance is needed. Same-day appointments are available.  If you have a doctor’s order and can’t stand long wait times,  we can do the blood draw and drop off the sample to the requested clia-approved lab for a small fee.

If insured, no copay. Just blood draw and ancillary fee.

NB: At this time we do not accept insurance and is cash pay only. With our patients’ first policy, we have made our test cost extremely affordable for those that are uninsured and have high deductibles.